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Efficiency Rating:                     67.3%
Safety Performance:              95/100
Source: Chatham House Report
Fuel required/person/year:     11.7Kg
Provides for 14 hours cooking/week
Average cook time per week in India as reported by "Statista Research Department” 
Cost per person per year:          $12  
The Innovative and Affordable Clean Cooking Solution
  • Inexpensive to manufacture
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to store and deliver in large numbers
  • Variable fuels dependent on region
  • Double the average efficiency of other stoves
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with a variety of fuels
  • Patented Design

Product and Demonstration Videos

  • Diameter                               180mm

  • Height - Assembled                75mm

  • Height - Folded                      55mm

  • Weight                                   426gms

WBT Results on Simi Stove 

(Ethenol Fueled Portable Metal Stove)


Table 1. Overall Thermal and Safety Performances of Simi Stove

Parameters                                                          Value

High power thermal efficiency  (%)                             67.30

High power sp. energy consumption (kl/L)              690.50

Temp. corrected boiling time (Min)                                 72

High power phase Fire Power (kw)                             0.314

Safety (Points/100)                                                            95

Table 2. Net contribution to indoor air pollution of Simi Stove

Parameters                                                          Value


CO (ppmv)                                                                           2

NO (ppmv)                                                                        Nil

NO2 (ppmv)                                                                      Nil

SO2 (ppmv)                                                                       Nil

PM2 (ug/m3)                                                                   23.8


Source: Department of Chemical Engineering - BUET, Bangladesh 

Chatham House Clean Cooking Report

Simi Stove Highlights from Chatham House Report

  • Efficiency Comparisons

  • Annualised Stove and Fuel costs

Simi Stove received an efficiency rating of 67.3% 

(industry average is 36%)

Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute based in London

Comparative Analysis of Cooking Fuels


Life Cycle Environment Impacts and Economic

and Social Considerations

Product Catalogue 

Product photo gallery 

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