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Stand Alone Stove 

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Stove with Single Base


Twin Stoves with Base

Simi Stove, uses our Simi Cooking Gel, a safe and clean-burning  ethanol based fuel, which emits practically zero particles or soot.


Simi Stove's patented design incorporates a unique windshield and with our burner the stove is one of the most efficient on the market today.   

The stove utilizes a removable fuel canister which makes the task of adding fuel extremely easy.


Simi Cooking Gel is ethanol based and distributed as gel ensuring safe fuel retention in the stove or when stored for future use. 

All stoves come with a one year, full replacement warranty.


Simi Stove is manufactured in India

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Designed in the UK by Simi Stove Ltd

Instructional Video

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In the continuing search for maximum efficiency, our pans have been specifically designed for the Simi Stove.


The bottom of each pan is designed to absorb heat and spread it evenly across the whole pan.

The pans are stackable enabling food to be cooked while keeping other food warm and when not in use they can act as a storage receptacle, base and lid, for the stove

Available soon

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