An innovative, non-polluting, clean cook Stove

Simi Stove - Safe, Home Cooking

  • Inexpensive - Lowest priced, clean cook  stove available today 

  • Portable - Cook outside or inside the home

  • Economical - Unburnt fuel is reusable

  • Safe to use and store - no gas filled bottles, just containers of gel

  • Pollution free cooking - no smoke, no soot

  • Scheduled monthly fuel delivery - In one litre bottles or 10 litre tubs

Suggested User Pricing

Simi Clean Cook Stove
Simi Cooking Gel  - 1 litre
Simi Cooking Gel  - 10 litre

If you have any questions about Simi Stove or you would like more information on the stove or the fuel, please call or email our Country Manager using the form or phone number below

Please contact our Country Representative to enquire about introductory price discounts in your area

Country Manager
Anjan Bagale, Kathmandu 
+9779851168157     Info@simistove.com

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of Simi Stove please visit our Partner page

Simi Stove Ltd., London  |  Tel: 0844 801 8610  |  Email: info@simistove.com
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