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We are dedicated to helping developing countries provide their underclass a healthy environment in which to live and their population an atmosphere free of climate changing pollutants.

At Simi we have, after a great deal of research and development, introduced the Simi Stove, a complete rethink of the clean cooking stove.

Exposure to Household Air Pollution (HAP) from burning wood,

charcoal, coal and kerosene is a leading risk factor for diseases,

including childhood pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary

disorder,  ischemic heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer, and

is a factor in over 4 Million deaths a year.

Even though countries are trying to eliminate pollution they are forgetting the underclasses who cannot afford the solutions being put forward such as LPG, induction and solar.

Just modernising stoves to emit less pollution is only going to add to the cost of the stove. To truly eliminate

household pollution we need to start using clean "Smokeless" fuels such as Ethanol. These fuels, however, do not burn like biomass fuels and therefore, if we are to keep stoves affordable for a mass market, it is important to design the stove in conjunction with these new fuels. 

Our patented Simi Stove, which is engineered to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum, has been specifically designed  to burn clean cooking fuels, such as Ethanol and Methanol, extremely efficiently (see Chatham House report) and we truly believe that it can contribute and play an integral role in reducing this form of household pollution and save many lives in the process.

HAP is  also responsible for 25% of the GLOBAL black carbon emissions - the second largest contributor to climate change after carbon dioxide. To see the effect Simi Stove can have on climate change click here

Around 3 Billion people still cook and heat their homes using open fires and simple stoves burning biomass (wood, animal dung and crop waste) and coal.
World Health Organisation (WHO)     February 2016
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