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Our goal as a Company is to be instrumental in helping to reduce the number of people dying from illnesses attributable to household air pollution, caused by cooking with sold fuels such as wood, animal dung, and crop waste. To that end we have, after years of research and development, introduced the Simi Stove, a complete rethink of the clean cooking stove.

Our design for the Simi Stove centred around efficiency, but it had to be durable enough for the environment we were targeting, easy to use and inexpensive to manufacture. It also had to be compact and lightweight to reduce the distribution burden.  

With an efficiency twice that of other stoves and a price point way below current products we feel we are well placed to assist the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) in their goal of bringing clean cooking to over 100 million homes.


The Simi Stove has been proved to be so efficient, that when it is not being used for cooking it works very well as a room heater. 

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